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We are a team of cross-cultural problem solvers, wielding strategic creativity to defeat indifference and drive growth

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Acento’s Latino roots have flourished into a dynamic agency that reflects the diversity of our world. We serve the multiple languages and cultures of our communities. We embrace the idea that people can be more than 100% - navigating between cultures and languages situationally. We are uniquely adept at activating the whole human, not just a segment. From linguistic and cultural nuance to the multitude of human touchpoints, we celebrate the power of AND.

cross-cultural model

People don’t live in segment siloes. We live, work, consume, and grow in diverse communities, influencing one another in unique and meaningful ways. Acento& employs cross-cultural modeling to identify intersectionality and divergence across groups in their motivations, beliefs, and barriers. We find the humanity behind the numbers. This empowers a unifying brand experience while activating unique nuances that drive response.

defeating indifference

Acento offers a unique agency environment where provocative ideas flourish through cross-cultural stimulation. We seek to challenge the status quo to respond to, and impact, culture with a focus on defeating consumer fatigue and indifference. This makes brands matter in culture, spurs engagement, and drives business impact.



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JOB LOCATION / Los Angeles

Sr. Account Executive

The Sr. Account Executive is a key day-to-day contact for client, partner agencies and internal teams. The right candidate for this role is a strategic thinker with strong communications and project management skills who can leverage client-business insight and campaign objectives against a breadth of agency resources to execute work of the highest quality that delivers measurable results and a positive client relationship. The Sr. AE is detail-oriented, organized, proactive, collaborative, outgoing, creative and eager to grow . A facilitator of the core team – ensuring smooth execution of projects by ensuring integration through group meetings, guiding assignments, and communicating internal and external challenges/opportunities. Minimum 3 years of advertising agency experience.

To apply for this position email careers@acento.com

Sr. Media Planner/Buyer – Chicago (Remote)

The primary responsibility of the Sr. Planner/Buyer is to develop Media strategy and recommendations for clients and prospects, as well as identify relevant trends in the marketplace to enhance our role as thought leaders. Outstanding research and negotiating skills are important in this position, as they must be able to recognize valuable opportunities from all angles. Good interpersonal skills, the ability to work well with teams, and establish strong media partnerships. Client facing with proven strong written and presentation skills. Minimum 5 years traditional AND digital planning/buying experience in multicultural segments.

To apply for this position email careers@acento.com